Without God: Science, Belief, Morality, and The Meaning of Life

Without God, how can we have hope or make sense of such a broken world? Skeptics believe we don’t need God to understand reality, and that science and reason hold the keys to building a better world. Faith is blind, and there is no credible evidence for God’s existence—especially the God of the Bible. Therefore, science and religious belief are deeply incompatible, and God is no longer relevant to our modern world.

But if there is no God, how can our lives have any meaning? How can we make sense of good and evil, truth, justice, beauty, rationality, or even science itself? By engaging with popular atheists and skeptics, both new and old, as well as many of Christianity’s most brilliant writers, pastor and author Zachary Broom demonstrates how not only is there powerful evidence for God’s existence, but without Him, everything begins to unravel.



Zach is the pastor of Eagles Nest Church In Breezy Point, Minnesota. He is the author of the best selling book: “Without God: Science, Belief, Morality, and The Meaning of Life.” 

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