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12 Unqualified Men

When we think of the apostles, we often think of them as being spiritual giants, or spiritual superheroes of sorts—people we could only dream of being like. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, for when Jesus called His twelve disciples, He didn’t call extraordinary, qualified men—He called twelve very ordinary, unqualified men. Take…
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The stain of racism, bigotry and injustice

When it comes to racism, bigotry, and societal injustice, most everyone agrees that it’s a nasty stain that needs to come out as soon as possible. But when it comes to agreeing on how that stain should come out, that’s where things get dicey pretty quickly. How quickly? Well, just ask Chris Lindholm, Pequot Lakes…
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The Shrinking But Growing Church

Without a doubt, 2020 was a crazy year, a wild ride, an unexpected turn, a year that no one saw coming. As a pastor who has just passed the one-year notch in my senior pastor’s belt, I look back with awe and wonder at what I have seen God doing through tumultuous times. “What is He doing?” you ask. He is shrinking His ever-growing church, which is a blessing we never saw coming.

When injustice seems to prevail

The world we live in can be quite disheartening. From corrupt political leaders, to racial injustice, to the cries of the unborn whose blood has been spilt in the millions, we can easily find ourselves disillusioned living in a society that perverts good and champions evil. Sometimes this frustration can lead to our questioning God,…
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A declaration of dependence

In 2013, a man named Derrick Mosley entered a store with a knife intending to rob it. However, he ran into a problem. The manager was armed with a gun, which he evidently didn’t suspect even though it was a gun store—pretty foolish, right? In West Palm Beach Florida, a man was arrested after he…
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